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Briefly stating, timesheet software helps to track and analyze the amount of time spent on tasks by different people. Moreover, tasks associated with projects, clients, and the staff members assigned to work on them. Most of the time, costs and/or revenue are determinable and can change based on the person, task, project, or client.

What is timesheet software?

Software for controlling time in an organization has a variety of names, including timesheet software, time tracking software, and so on. Because it suggests a clear and significant variation in the functionality of the software application Bigdesk makes it simple.

Moreover, the information gained from a variety of timesheet software reports gets used for analysis, management decision-making, or charging clients. Indeed, Bigdesk helps to determine how time is being spent within the organization.

Notably, timesheet software is a standalone program that you can use to export data or run reports as needed. Considering, timesheet software might get included in a whole business management program.


Why use a timekeeping program?

Likewise, you can use timesheet software in your company or organization to manage your time more effectively. More precisely, stating we know that time is money!

1. Understand how you use your time

Nevertheless, realizing, where your time is currently going, is the first step to time management success. People frequently have very different perceptions of how to utilize time than it actually is. And timesheets let you demonstrate this. Bigdesk generates the management practice that meets the purpose of meetings, which ultimately led to the creation of new working practices. Meetings become straightforward and more productive, and the team is happier as a result.

2. Keep precise time records

You can measure time more precisely with timesheet software than with manual methods or spreadsheets. And over the course of a month or year, minor variations can build up to a sizable discrepancy. This discrepancy between time worked and time recorded reflects unaccounted-for expenses. For instance, you can use information from your timesheet software when quoting for a new project.

3. Decrease in administrative burdens

Modern timesheet software is crucially practical and user-friendly. Since you don’t want to burden your staff with excessive administrative tasks, thankfully the days of sending spreadsheets around the business through email each month have gone. Employees may now clock in and out from anywhere using a mobile device, including the office, client sites, and even the road. Additionally, managing task codes, compiling data, and running reports are now easier than ever.

What qualities should a timesheet software have?

A good project timesheet software selection process requires balancing your company’s requirements with what the market has to offer. Important factors to think about include:

  • Do you desire an easy standalone timekeeping system? Or does it have to work with the rest of your software?
  • What kind of business do you run? Do you want to track how much time you spent on internal tasks or do you want to bill staff time to clients?
  • Who will be utilizing the timesheet, and how many? Will this number increase in the future?
  • How will employees enter time? Do they need to log in from various locations and devices, or are they always in the same location?
  • What characteristics are fundamental to your business? Which are just “good to have,” though?

The challenge is choosing the best timesheet software for your unique needs because there are practically hundreds of timesheet systems accessible worldwide.

Aamirsohel Burma is a causative Editor to Bigdesk and a member of the Bigscal team.

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