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Easy, stress-free time tracking software for teams and freelancers. Save time, manage your projects, create log time also task management software to monitor your team and increase your productivity in just a few clicks.

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How it works

Using BigDesk is super easy that too in just few clicks, that can supercharge your productivity.

Easy Onboarding By Email Invitations

Enter email addresses of employees or import them using one of our integrations. Employees get an install the software and start tracking time.

Multiple Invitations

Send invitations to your multiple employees in single click.

Control Over Invitations

You can send invitations or delete invited members whenever you want.

Analyze Productivity From Dashboard

See at a glance what everyone has been working on. Get summary statistics and detailed information of your employee’s activities easily.

Detailed Report

BigDesk allows you to view graphical representation of reports like Time-sheet, Statistics, Activity.

Distributed Time Reporting

Employees can track their time task wise, so at the end BigDesk let you analyze which task has taken less/more time.

Time tracking that is simple and precise

With BigDesk Time Tracking, you’ll never have to worry about manual errors or lost time data. Our software ensures accurate time tracking, so you can be confident that the data you receive is correct.


Monitor and Enhance Employee Efficiency

BigDesk’s Productivity Monitoring function provides an in-depth look at how pending time is being used and assists in identifying areas where productivity can be improved.

Detailed Time Tracking Insights

Highlight the software’s capacity to provide extensive insights on how people spend their time, such as which tasks use the most time and which activities they spend the most time on. 

Customizable Productivity Reports

Emphasize the software’s customizable productivity reports, which allow users to see their performance over time and identify areas where they can improve. 

Detailed reporting for your business

BigDesk’s Detailed Reporting feature provides you with in-depth insights into your business’s performance, helping you make data-driven decisions and stay on top of your work.

Customizable Business Performance Reports

Emphasize the software’s ability to provide a range of customizable reports that give you a comprehensive view of your business’s performance, including key metrics such as sales, profits, and more. .

Real-time Data and Updates

 Highlight the software’s real-time data and updates, which provide users with an up-to-date view of their business’s performance and allow them to respond quickly to any changes. 


How it is useful?

BigDesk is a cross-platform time tracker which helps you accurately track your employee’s working day by monitoring computer usage and their activities. It will take random screenshots, and record activity levels, active applications, and websites.

Time Tracking

See time spent working and on breaks. Analyze time according to the task they are working on.

Increase Attentiveness

Pop-ups alert employees when they stray into time-wasting websites while working on them.

Automated Screenshots

Automated screenshots help track activity of your employees and keep them focused on task.

Powerful Reporting

Daily time reports show employees their metrics for the day so they can self-correct.

You deserve all time best

BigDesk has some outstanding features that make it different from than products available in the market.

User Friendly Portal

User Friendly Portal

A very easy-to-configure and use user interface that anyone can access without hassle.

Accurate Time Tracking

Accurate Time Tracking

BigDesk Time Tracker desktop application provides an effective way to track your time and computer usage.

Activity Description

Activity Description

BigDesk allows you to describe your activity(write a memo) while tracking time on the project.



BigDesk Desktop tracker takes screenshots once every 10-minute interval, that too you can configure it according to your needs.

Support for multiple devices

Support for multiple devices

BigDesk Works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It provides a platform to monitor productivity and manage work efficiently.

Offline Time Tracking

Offline Time Tracking

Are you facing an internet connection issue while working? Don’t worry! BigDesk allows you to track offline as well.

User Types

User Types

BigDesk offers a range of user types, each with different levels of permissions, to help streamline your business operations.

Online Reports

Online Reports

With BigDesk, you can Evaluate Employee Performance with Time-sheet, Statistics, Activity, Tasks, and Memo Reports.

Activity Levels

Activity Levels

BigDesk tracks activity by mouse click and keystroke quantity. Get a Clear Picture of Your Workflow with Activity Metrics.

Make smarter business decisions with data analysis

BigDesk is an employee Efficiency Platform that automates and mobilizes the routine activities of various field forces who work remotely or on sight. This platform enables organizations to establish 24/7 engagement, track minute activities, and enhance the productivity of their task forces.

It is a decision-making tool in the hands of management with which they can draw conclusive decisions on the basis of insightful reports and vivid analytical reports. This is a custom-built solution for business organizations of every scale.

Employee Monitoring Helps You Achieve Your Business Targets

BigDesk Tracker is designed to help you monitor your employees’ productivity by gaining complete transparency of their desktop activities. It will take random screenshots of your employee’s screen, will count mouse clicks and keystrokes, and also will give you screenshots about apps and websites your employees use and visit at working time.


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