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Remote employee monitoring is a crucial step when it comes to professionalism in the workplace. This time tracking software is not only used to monitor remote employees but is also used in offices. This remote employee tracking software needs to get installed on the laptop or PC of the employee.

Bigdesk proves itself again and again to be the best employee time-tracking software. Bigdesk allows you to monitor remote employees by taking screenshots of their current activity and many more. It can be difficult to choose the best software for remote teams. The best program for remote monitoring employees who work from home. If you want to limit your employees’ computer use or protect company data from hacks and breaches, selecting the finest remote workforce monitoring software is essential.

How do employers monitor remote employees?

There are several opportunities for both businesses and people because of the flexibility of remote work. Greater flexibility, cheaper costs, higher job performance, and time savings are beneficial to both people and organizations. The majority of small and large companies employ some kind of remote or home-based labor.

The reason for using software for remote worker monitoring is a valid one, though. You are aware that inefficient reporting and monitoring often result in decreased production. This issue is one that many employers encounter and resolve.

Remote employee monitoring systems are gaining popularity for both office and home-based work. We can monitor remote employees and how employees use company computers. This gives remote teams the necessary reports to help them work efficiently.

Benefits of time-tracking software

1. Anywhere Anytime

– Tracking the in and out timings of the employees.
– Bigdesk keeps the ability to track time from any place.
– Checking what the employees are currently working on.

2. Improves productivity

  • Bigdesk monitor remote employee by popping up a message after 8 minutes of inactivity.
  • The employers are also able to know which websites and apps are being used by the employee.
  • Bigdesk creates a productivity chart analysis to understand more.

3. Proofs of work

  • Bigdesk automatically takes a screenshot of the employee screen.
  • The screenshot is the most crucial feature when you need to monitor a remote employee.
  • Bigdesk also keeps a track record of the activities that are currently under work.

4. Organizing your team

  • Bigdesk monitor remote employee by organizing the task given to them.
  • Bigdesk allows the employees to write about the current task they are working on.
  • It also gives the full information about which task took how much time.

How does time-tracking software work?

1. Bigdesk Clocker

You will be able to monitor remote employees by turning Bigdesk on and off as they please while still maintaining their privacy. They’ll also use it to keep track of time spent on jobs and activities and as a timer within the gadget.

2. Privacy

We usually respect the privacy of our employees, just like you do. Only when they are working for you are their activities being monitored by Bigdesk’s remote team management solutions.

3. Manual effort

Allow staff to manually add tasks finished away from a computer. After that, just type offline activities to accept or reject them.

4. Employee Login

Allow each employee to log in so they may access their own payroll timesheets and productivity data to gain insights.

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