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Freelance time tracking software has grown in popularity among independent contractors. The right time monitoring tools are what you need if you want to start taking time management.

Time is money, as anyone who freelancer is aware. One of the finest measures you can take to save time is to think about how you spend your time. The right freelance time-tracking software is what you need if you want to start time management.

How does freelance time-tracking software work?

Freelance time tracking software keeps track of the time spent on a specific work. Freelancers use Bigdesk to aid in organizing their task-related efforts. It also generates thorough reports of the work done. Bigdesk equips in how you spend your working hour and increases the effectiveness of your work.

Important characteristics of freelance time tracking software

Utilizing a running clock that you may start and stop, time-tracking apps allow you to keep track of your time. You have the option to make small changes to time logs, which enables you to amend your time entries. When the computer is inactive for a period of time, the time tracker will exclude those times.

1. Cost

Even if your budget limits you to using only free apps, Bigdesk matches your needs. Paying for additional functionality that you do not require is pointless.

2. Simple to use and quick to pick up

Finding a solution that is simple to use and understand is essential. If you are new to freelance time-tracking software then Bigdesk is the best choice.

3. Accounting and billing

Bigdesk prepares invoices for clients and receives payment. Tracking labor hours done by independent contractors is also done by Bigdesk. By keeping track of your time as you work, you can bill clients for the time spent on their tasks. Accounting-related capabilities, such as expense tracking, are available in Bigdesk.

4. Data, reporting, and tracking

Knowing how you spend your time allows you to examine your routines. By keeping track of your time, you may bill projects and estimate the time needed for similar jobs in the future. Bigdesk equips with time-stamped screen captures and sophisticated application usage tracking. Bigdesk provides detailed monitoring that enables you to break down the hourly cost.

5. Flexibility

While some of the freelance time-tracking software is internet-based. Many others include desktop and mobile device applications. Bigdesk freelance tracking app is flexible enough to meet your needs. Even though working from several devices is necessary, you still need to be able to track your time.

6. Project administration

Time tracking and effective project management go hand in hand. So, Bigdesk lets you manage your projects with freelance time-tracking software. Some even have the capacity to connect to external project management platforms.

7. Working together as a team and communicating

Does your team need to divide up the work? Do you have to work on projects along with other people? How can you include client feedback in every step of your work process? These are things to think about while choosing the best freelance time tracker.

8. Juggling several employees, clients, and contracts

Bigdesk assists you in determining where teams are devoting their time. So you can determine whether there is a needless bottleneck or overlap. Freelance time tracking software can categorize your time if you have numerous active contracts or clients. Additionally, the system must automatically link it to the appropriate project.

Aamirsohel Burma is a causative Editor to Bigdesk and a member of the Bigscal team.

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