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Time Tracking Software – Time Attendance Software

Analyze and optimize company time comes right down to the second. Intuitive worker time tracking software and time attendance software for smarter project organization, proof of work, and budgeting.

Each Minute, Any Industry

The sole resolution you’ll ever want for tracking time on projects and tasks, productivity and effectiveness, irrespective of that industry you’re in.

Project Management

change project management and access all project knowledge from one neat Kanban board.

Time on Projects and Tasks

Make sure workers are operating the hours they’re allotted and taking the breaks they have to perform at their best.

Apps and Websites Usage

Get insights on the apps and websites your workers are mistreatment whereas acting on projects.


Capture workers’ screens to induce the last word proof of their work.



Optimize Time on Projects

Bigdesk time hunter allows you to track time, activities, productivity levels, budgets, and everything else you wish to maximize your team’s efforts.

Over simply Time Tracking

Bigdesk options transcend employee time tracking to assist you to improve all aspects of your business.


Receive regular reports about your comes, or export them from the dashboard.

Manager Login

Let managers produce projects and tasks for his or her teams.

Worker Login

offer workers access to data hunter collected to push transparency and accountability.


Connect the package you place confidence into Bigdesk through Rest API.


Get elaborated data about activities your team performs each second.

Consumer Login

Let shoppers access their project’s or virtual employee’s data.

How can Your employee Use Bigdesk

Bigdesk Timer

whenever your employees begin acting on a replacement project or task, they’ll start the time on it. Once they’re done, they’ll amendment the task’s status, and you’ll see everything on your dashboard in real-time.


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