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Many businesses use user activity monitoring software to identify and thwart insider threats. This also determines whether the activities of your employees are right or wrong. The breadth of monitoring tools and techniques used depends on the business’s goals.

Utilizing user activity monitoring software, businesses are better able to spot suspicious activity. Bigdesk helps in avoiding data breaches, or at the very least, in time to reduce losses. Bigdesk is surveillance but serves as a proactive examination of end-user activity.

How does user activity monitoring software work?

User activity monitoring software helps to safeguard data while assuring its accessibility. Bigdesk also ensures compliance with data privacy and security laws. This application does more than only keeping a track of network activity. Bigdesk tracks user behavior, their online browsing habits, and access to sensitive files. Bigdesk includes all systems, data, applications, and network actions that users conduct.

There are many techniques used to keep track of and control user behavior, including:

  • Session recordings on video
  • Gathering and analyzing logs
  • Inspection of network packets
  • Keyboard recording
  • Kernel surveillance
  • Screenshot and file taking

Why do businesses need user activity monitoring software?

The Bigdesk application keeps tabs on end users’ activities throughout the business.

1. Recognize security threats

You may strengthen against cyberattacks and data misuse with user activity monitoring software. Bigdesk also assists you in identifying potential dangers. Bigdesk is very useful for preventing internal data leaks and hostile company behavior. With user activity monitoring software, staff members can’t disclose private information. Bigdesk this risk by keeping a check on your employees’ browsing history. it also keeps watching the outbound messages, and other activities.

2. Increase productivity and work processes

Bigdesk has a significant positive impact on your company over time. This user activity monitoring software simplifies the process of tracking employees. This user activity monitoring software helps to adjust your time and money. Bigdesk also helps you observe whether employees spend more time on various tasks.

You can test staff output, downtime, and correspondence with user activity monitoring software. This user activity monitoring software can help your firm run and grow. Bigdesk helps you assign and focus on projects. Gives your employees the advantage of the freedom in their own schedules.

3. Check the performance of your staff

User activity tracking software works as a starting point for staff investigations. The Bigdesk system allows you to track emails and employee surfing habits. This application helps to track other information that might create a dispute.

Instead of relying on rumors to make decisions, you will have concrete facts. Both the company and every employee gain from this. Bigdesk creates a safe and accommodating work environment for your staff.

4. Stop Unauthorized Internet Use

Bigdesk saves the company from the leakage of company data. The application also helps in creating professionalism. Leaving business devices exposed can leave them vulnerable to malware and viruses. Employees may be unable to tell which websites are secure or not. User activity monitoring software shields you and them from potential dangers.

5. Personal data protection

Data protection is always important in any business and company. It is sad because every company has gone through the data leakage phase. If the wrong people obtained such information, the results could be disastrous. Bigdesk saves your company from all this malfunctioning and leakage of data.

Monitoring digital behavior across organizations helps you protect your employees, clients, and brand. User activity monitoring software is a must need to your company’s digital toolkit. It also enhances employee behavior, speeds up daily tasks, and strengthens your brand.

Tanvi Kalsariya is an editor for Bigdesk, covering organic search, podcasting and e-commerce. Her background is in journalism and content marketing.

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