Automated Time Mapping Software

Automated Time Mapping Software – Analyze and optimize company time on projects down to the second. Intuitive employee time tracking software for smarter project organization, proof of work, and budgeting.

Time Management Reinvented for Digital Organizations

Precise Project Insights

Check what quantity of time was spent on every stage of a project at any point, and accurately predict the resources required for your next job. Plus, explore employee activity and determine organization-wide productivity, efficiency, and focus trends in real-time.

Eliminate Human Error

Bigdesk runs within the background so your staff never have to worry about switch tasks or starting/stopping timers manually. As a result, you get considerably additional correct statistics and precise billable hours on every project.

Hands-off Time Allocation

Unburden your employees by introducing an automatic time tracker that assigns work to the correct projects automatically. Our innovative answer lets your employees pay longer finalizing projects and time brooding about time-sheets.

Industries of every kind rely upon automatic Time & Activity Mapping


Large enterprise groups add fast-paced, dynamic environments. Even the littlest of changes will impact your processes and employee efficiency. once all detail matters, method optimization, and improvement are crucial to success.

Power-driven by AI, Bigdesk tracks activity on every pc company-wide to reveal employee work patterns while not distressing their everyday workload. consider it a complicated website analytics tool, except for your office. working quietly within the background, Bigdesk provides you with eye-opening, perceptive reports that assist you to boost performance by automating processes.

With access to data-rich reporting, it becomes clear that processes may be optimized, standardized, or outsourced. In short, Bigdesk enables you to speed up your organization’s digital transformation via unmatched data.

Architecture firms

Whether or not you bill clients per square meter or per hour, it’s essential for tasks to be completed with efficiency to maximize project speed and ROI. whereas ne’er compromising the standard of your work.

With no effort from your employees, our time mapping tool provides you with an in-depth summary of the time needed to finish each project or task. Conveniently, all work completed in AutoCAD, Revit, and alternative Autodesk tools is allotted to corresponding comes and tasks. Plus, Bigdesk provides you with comprehensive records of the time taken to complete every building, floor, or room.

Bigdesk’s correct reports increase your team’s potency and deep project insights permit you to arrange future comes a lot of precisely.

Design teams

Tracking time on design projects is commonly tedious, time-consuming, and inaccurate – and might be a power killer.

With Bigdesk machine-driven time tracking for designers, you’ll continually grasp the time every designer must finish their task. And even deeper insights tell you ways long it takes them to complete a brochure, business card, or other design. That way, your team can with efficiency complete projects and tasks, while not interrupting their inventive process.

What’s more, by automatically tracking time for every task, you’ll ne’er lose a second of billable hours, guaranteeing you bill clients for all the work that gets done.

Insurance (Claim Processing) companies

To method a single claim, your team should undergo multiple stages associated with innumerable repetitive tasks simply to induce an outcome.

Bigdesk tracks your brokers’ activities to assist you to optimize the claim process. Speed up claim time and boost productivity with our machine-driven time-tracking tool that offers you a transparent sight of the time taken to finish each stage of the claim process.

With elaborate reports at your fingertips, you’ll be able to set clear claim process period targets and improve the potency of your team.

Estimate potential project prices

More and more strict privacy laws incorporate you to travel higher than and on the far side to shield your company and worker information. Bigdesk creates securing your data easy.

Bigdesk allows you to anonymize data to deliver reports that specialize in projects, time, productivity, and activity levels – not personal data. this permits you to observe overall processes and arrange for improvement, instead of fixating on employees’ individual work.

Aamirsohel Burma is a causative Editor to Bigdesk and a member of the Bigscal team.

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